February 25, 2019

Cubresa selects distributor for preclinical line of PET inserts in China

Winnipeg, MB – February 25th, 2019 – Cubresa Inc., a world leader in PET inserts for MRI, has selected a Chinese distributor for its NuPET™ preclinical imaging product line. Cubresa is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Worldwide Technology (S.H.) Co., Ltd. (WAD), a Shanghai-based distributor who specializes in the sale…

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January 29, 2019

Cubresa Developing BrainPET Insert Through Joint Venture in China

Winnipeg, MB – January 29th, 2019 – Cubresa Inc., a world leader in PET inserts for MRI, is expanding into the clinical marketplace with the announcement of a joint venture in Hefei, China. Together with the GaoXin Group and private investors, Cubresa has formed the Sino-Canadian Health Engineering Research Institute (SCHERI), based in Hefei, Anhui…

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May 8, 2017

NuPET Seminar at Northwestern University

10 am on Friday, May 15th in the Searle Seminar Room at the Robert H. Lurie Medical Research Center Cubresa held a seminar on Simultaneous Molecular & Functional Imaging with the Cubresa NuPET™ MR-compatible preclinical PET scanner at Northwestern University at 10 am on Friday, May 12th in the Searle Seminar Room at the Robert H. Lurie…

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May 1, 2017

ISMRM 2017 in Honolulu

Come see Cubresa’s NuPET™ in Booth 125 at the ISMRM 2017 Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Honolulu Reveal disease & therapeutic mechanisms with simultaneous molecular & functional imaging We certainly enjoyed our time at this year’s International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine in Honolulu, April 22 to 27, 2017 where we showcased our NuPET™ in-bore PET scanner for existing pre-clinical…

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April 5, 2017

EMIM 2017 in Cologne

Thank you for coming to see Cubresa’s NuPET™ at the EMIM 2017 Meeting & Exhibition in Cologne Reveal disease & therapeutic mechanisms with simultaneous molecular & functional imaging This year’s European Molecular Imaging Meeting at Hörsaalgebäude University in Cologne, April 5 to 7, 2017 was a very successful showcase for our NuPET™ in-bore PET scanner for existing pre-clinical MRI systems. The…

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November 21, 2016

Cubresa SPECT Scanner Used for Evaluation of Alzheimer’s Disease Molecular Label in vivo

Cubresa’s SPECT scanner was used to determine if a novel molecular label, TRV6001, in development for in vivo imaging of the BChE enzyme present in the brains of Alzheimer’s Disease patients follows the known distribution of the enzyme in animal models of the disease. Winnipeg, MB – November 22, 2016 – Cubresa Inc., a medical…

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September 2, 2016

Cubresa Moves to Larger Facility in Winnipeg

Cubresa’s new, larger headquarters will open for business at the following address on Tuesday September 6, 2016: Cubresa Inc. 801 Berry Street Winnipeg, MB R3H 0S7 Our telephone and facsimile numbers, as well as our e-mail addresses and web address, will remain the same. We look forward to fully utilizing our improved headquarters for research &…

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Winnipeg logo flying across the Winnipeg sky

September 1, 2016

Preclinical PET Scanner for Simultaneous PET/MRI Installed at the University of Arizona Could Contribute to Improved Tumor Assessment

Dual-modality approach being developed by the University of Arizona uses Cubresa’s NuPET™ PET scanner and a dynamic MRI technique to more fully characterize cancerous tumors. Winnipeg, MB – September 1, 2016 – Cubresa Inc., a medical imaging company that develops and markets molecular imaging systems, today announced the successful installation of their compact PET scanner called NuPET™ for…

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PET/MRI Images of A549 flank tumor in a mouse

August 5, 2016

BIOTIC and Cubresa continue successful partnership with PET scanner testing

Halifax, NS – August 5, 2016 – BIOTIC (Biomedical Translational Imaging Centre), the advanced imaging center at the IWK Health Centre, has been chosen as the first research facility to test a new preclinical PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scanner. Cubresa, a medical imaging company that develops and markets nuclear imaging systems, has developed NuPET™, a…

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