Insert for MRI: High Performance Imaging Solution for Advanced Brain Research.

INVESTIGATIONAL DEVICE NOT AVAILABLE FOR COMMERCIAL SALE Clinical use pending FDA 510(k) and Health Canada approvals

BrainPET System

The Cubresa BrainPET is a PET insert for a 3T MRI scanner that provides simultaneous PET/MR imaging capacity. The goal of the BrainPET development program is to provide high-quality clinical images, with performance near-unparalleled when contrasted with commercial competitors. A custom MR transmit/receive coil will allow for high-resolution MR images, and the system can be integrated with major vendors’ MRI scanners. As a removable insert, the BrainPET can be used as needed and stored on a dedicated cart, with a built-in mechanism to lift and lower the insert onto the bed of the MR scanner, when not in use. The insert and storage cart are MR-safe and can be kept in the magnet room. Cubresa’s propriety acquisition and reconstruction software will provide users with high-quality PET data for research and clinical applications which can be visualized using any commercial data visualization software.

BrainPET system components:

  • BrainPET insert (integrated PET ring and removable transmit/receive coil in a rolling cylinder)
  • Storage cart with built-in lift mechanism to lift/lower the BrainPET onto the MR scanner bed, and stored when not in use
  • Dedicated cabinet with PET acquisition electronics, installed outside of the fringe field
  • Acquisition/reconstruction workstation located in the MR console room
  • Custom calibration and normalization phantoms

BrainPET Foundational Client Program:

Cubresa’s Foundational Client Program is designed for world-leading, innovative brain research institutions who are seeking to enhance their brain-focused research activities with the addition of a novel BrainPET system, enabling simultaneous PET/MR imaging. For those scientists who are interested in learning more, please contact Cubresa’s Vice President of Sales and Strategic Partnerships, Lisa Bako.

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