NuPET™ Bio

MRI-Compatible Preclinical PET Scanner

Small Animal PET scanner and animal handling system specifically designed for high containment labs

Cubresa’s NuPET Bio is the world’s first lightweight preclinical PET scanner, specially designed for use with highly infectious pathogens. The device will allow researchers to conduct work on SARS-CoV-2, and other viruses and bacteria, directly in BSL-3 labs without the need for extensive retrofits of the lab space, saving researchers and institutions valuable time and money.

Incorporation of the NuPET Bio into this preclinical work will enable researchers to study the pathogenesis of viruses, as well as understand how prospective antivirals and vaccines affect the physiology of the body, their toxicity, and their effectiveness at fighting/preventing diseases.

NuPET Bio PET scanners are available for small animal imaging. Please contact Cubresa to learn more.


  • MR Compatible design and true simultaneous PET/MRI data acquisition
  • Supports powerful small animal gradients in a wide range of MRI systems at various field strengths
  • State of the art PET technology delivers high spatial resolution and sensitivity
  • Automatic PET/MRI co-registration
  • Intuitive acquisition & reconstruction software
  • Rapid setup time and fast removal with no modifications to the MRI system
  • Stand-alone PET imaging option for maximum flexibility and utilization

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