Learn how Cubresa’s customers are using the power of NuPET technology to enhance their research in a variety of application areas.

PET/MRI evaluation of white matter inflammation in a co-morbid rat model of ischemic stroke and Alzheimer’s disease (and others)

The application of simultaneous PET/MRI in preclinical cancer research, focusing on the study of novel cancer immunotherapies.

Our research program is investigating three developments of simultaneous PET/MRI with pre-clinical tumor models.

Tracking CAR T cell therapies with PET/MRI

Evaluations of oxidative phosphorylation and glycolysis metabolism in tumors using PET/MRI

Combining [F18]FAZA PET and DCE MRI to evaluate anti-cancer drug treatments

Comparisons of hyperpolarized MR and FDG PET for assessments of pancreatic cancer treatment with antiandrogen drug therapy

Development of Applications of PET/MR