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Imaging tumor extracellular pH using PET/MRI co-agents

WMIC 2022

Miami, USA

Chetan B. Dhakan, Alyssa C. Pollard,Lorenzo Palagi, Jorge de la Cerda, F. William Schuler, Tyler R. Pollard, Aikaterini Kotrotsou, Federica Pisaneschi, and Mark D. Pagel

FDG-PET/CT investigation of the pathology of a SARS-CoV-2 VSV pseudotype and its role as an oncological imaging confounder

WMIC 2022

Miami, USA

Brianna Kelly, Drew DeBay, Christa Davis, Matthew Strugari, Bassel Dawod, Christopher Richardson, Kimberly Brewer

Multi-modal PET-MR imaging of the selective activation of serotonergic neurons in living rodent brains with DREADD technology

Manitoba Poster Competition

Canadian Student Health Research Forum

Perron JR, McIntosh BJ, Leggett S, Palmer VL, Herrera SL, Armstrong K, Stecina K, Martin M

MR-Compatibility of a SiPM-Based PET Detector Module Using HDMI for Analog Readout and Power Supply

ISMRM 21st Annual Meeting and Exhibition

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Thiessen JD, Berg E, Liu C-Y, Bishop D, Kozlowski P, Retière F, Sossi V, Stortz G, Thompson CJ, Zhang X, Goertzen AL

Quantitative In Vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Spio-Labeled Calles in a Cervical Cancer Mouse Model

O’Brien-Moran Z, , Tremblay M-L, Davis C, Rioux J, Brewer KD

Using molecular imaging for monitoring cancer immunotherapy success in a cervical cancer model

Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institution Conference

Halifax, NS

Tremblay M-L, O’Brien-Moran Z, Davis C, Brewer KD

Using Simultaneous PET/MRI to Evaluate Optimal Tumor Kinetics in an Ovarian Cancer Model

ICMRM 2017 International Conference on Magnetic Resonance and Microscopy

Halifax, NS

Gonzalez V, Tremblay M-L, Davis C, MacKay A, West A, Nuschke A, Vanderhyden B, Weir G, Stanford M, Brewer K

Synthesis of a Glycosylated Gd-DOTA-4AMP with FDG: Towards a Bimodal Contrast Agent for pH Quantification

ISMRM 25th Annual Meeting

Honolulu, HI, USA

Gilmore SC, Acfalle JP, Goldenberg BS, Pagel MD

First Results from an MRI Compatible Small Animal PET Insert Operating in a 3T Clinical PET/MRI

ISMRM 25th Annual Meeting

Honolulu, HI, USA

Fox, MS, Palmer VL, Schellenberg G, Matwiy J, King SB, Goertzen AL, Thiessen JD