Cubresa BrainPET Insert for MRI: High Performance Imaging Solution for Advanced Brain Research.

INVESTIGATIONAL DEVICE NOT AVAILABLE FOR COMMERCIAL SALE Clinical use pending FDA 510(k) and Health Canada approvals

Cubresa: Leaders in Brain Imaging

Cubresa is a world leader in
the design and development
of clinical and preclinical PET
inserts for MRI.

Cubresa products enable medical professionals at leading universities,
hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to visualize and measure
biochemical processes at the molecular level.

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The BrainPET is a PET insert for a 3T MRI scanner that provides simultaneous PET/MR imaging capacity. The BrainPET is currently under development with the aim of providing a higher PET spatial resolution and sensitivity than commercially available whole-body hybrid systems

NuPET Insert System

Incredibly flexible, the NuPET system can be used in multiple MRIs within a research lab. Completely mobile, the insert can be moved and inserted into various systems as required. This feature enables research groups to share equipment and move NuPET across the lab, down the hall, or to another building. Alternatively, NuPET can also be used as a stand-alone PET imaging system, when simultaneous imaging is not required.


Cubresa’s NuPET Bio is the world’s first lightweight and portable preclinical PET scanner, specially designed for use with highly infectious pathogens. The device allows researchers to conduct work on SARS-CoV-2, and other viruses and bacteria, directly in BSL-3 labs without the need for extensive retrofits of the lab space, saving researchers and institutions valuable time and money.

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