A selection of publications featuring Cubresa’s PET insert technology.

Development and Evaluation of a LOR-based Image Reconstruction with 3D System Response Modeling for a PET Insert with Dual-Layer Offset Crystal Design

Zhang X, Stortz G, Sossi V, Thompson CJ, Retière F, Kozlowski P, Thiessen JD, Goertzen AL

2013 Nov 11;58(23):8379


Development of a PET Scanner for Simultaneously Imaging Small Animals with MRI and PET

Thompson C, Goertzen A, Thiessen J, Bishop D, Stortz G, Kozlowski P, Retière F, Zhang X, Sossi V

2014 Aug;14(8):14654-71


Evaluation of Performance and Stability of an MR Compatible PET Detector

Shams E, Thiessen JD, Bishop D, Kozlowski P, Retière F, Khan MS, Sossi V, Stortz G, Thompson CJ, Goertzen AL

2014 Nov 8 (pp. 1-4)


An Algorithm for Automatic Crystal Identification in Pixelated Scintillation Detectors using Thin Plate Splines and Gaussian Mixture Models

Schellenberg G, Stortz G, Goertzen AL

2016 Jan 21;61(3):N90


Performance of a PET Insert for High-Resolution Small-Animal PET/MRI at 7 Tesla

Stortz G, Thiessen JD, Bishop D, Khan MS, Kozlowski P, Retière F, Schellenberg G, Shams E, Zhang X, Thompson CJ, Goertzen AL

2018 Mar 1;59(3):536-42


Data Acquisition for a Preclinical MR Compatible PET Insert using the OpenPET Platform

Goertzen AL, Shrestha R, Khan MS, Stortz G, Bishop D, Kozlowski P, Retière F, Thiessen JD, Thompson CJ, Sossi V

2017 Nov;1(6):495-504


Preliminary Results that Assess Metformin Treatment in a Preclinical Model of Pancreatic Cancer Using Simultaneous [18 F] FDG PET and acidoCEST MRI

Goldenberg JM, Cárdenas-Rodríguez J, Pagel MD

2018 Aug 1;20(4):575-83


Regional hypometabolism in the 3xTg mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease

Adlimoghaddam A, Snow W, Stortz G, Perez C, Djordjevic J, Goertzen AL, Ko JH, and Albensi BC

2019 March 14; 127: 267-277


Towards a second-generation PET/MR insert with enhanced timing and count rate performance

Van Elburg D, Shrestha R, and Goertzen AL

2019 Mar 12