MTS Video on Cubresa, showing founder and CTO James Schellenberg

A new video on the MTS Talks website features Cubresa

Founder and CTO James Schallenberg and CEO George Abe describe their work at Cubresa and their experience doing business in the Manitoba work environment, the healthcare industry and within a supportive community. They also offer some advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. MTS Talks says the two leaders “pack a punch in their vision of their own company, the potential in others, and the business community at large”. They also describe the duo as being fiercely positive about entrepreneurship and running startups.

The video also features a glimpse of work at Cubresa and at one of Cubresa’s key partners, the University of Manitoba.

“The key thing is, do something meaningful. Do something that is important to you—that has value,” says James during an interview in the video.