Job Description: Junior Software Designer
Location: Winnipeg

Reports to: Director of Software
This position is responsible for software tasks related to the acquisition and reconstruction of PET data into DICOM images. These tasks include software design, programming and testing. The scope of the potential software work is wide, including acquisition of data, reconstruction of medical images, algorithm design, data management, UI development, and cybersecurity. Software will be developed following a process based on IEC 62304..

Key Responsibilities
Detailed list of typical duties and activities for the job include:
• Understand requirements and task description
• Design and analyse architecture options
• Code in C, C++
• Perform software testing of code segments
• Maintain software code, feature enhancement, and bug fixing
• Development of new features
• Assist in establishing quality throughout the software group

Required Education and Experience
• Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or other Science
• Language requirements include: C, C++
• No business experience necessary

Desirable Experience
Any of the following:
• Experience working within a quality system based on a standard such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485 or IEC 62304
• Experience with software development process including requirements, design and test
• Exposure to UI development
• Experience with performance optimization of algorithms
• Experience with development of secure code
• Experience with PET image reconstruction algorithms
• Experience with any of these software libraries: CUDA, Boost, Qt, ITK, dcmtk, googleTest, OpenCV
• Previous Experience in the development of Medical Imaging Software, Processing Algorithms and Systems
• Experience with continuous integration, unit testing, and configuration management
• Experience with python language
• Familiarity with the DICOM standard, including interacting with DICOM files and databases

• Oriented towards Excellence in Product Development
• Must be able to work on their own and in a group environment
• Must be able to work in a cross-cultural environment
• Must be self-motivated
• Must have good written communication skills

About Cubresa
Cubresa is a world leader in the design and development of clinical and preclinical PET inserts for MRI. Our vision is to improve human well-being by empowering medical professionals to better understand complex diseases and develop personalized therapies. Our niche market is the emergent technology of simultaneous PET/MRI imaging, which allows improved visualization of disease processes in numerous application areas. The environment at Cubresa is collaborative, focused, energetic and creative. If you have a desire to be part of a world-class team on the cutting edge of the medical imaging field, we encourage you to apply.

Qualified candidates should send a resume and cover letter to