Cubresa at the Third Annual MPIC Meeting in Nashville

Reveal disease & therapeutic mechanisms with simultaneous molecular & functional imaging

As an industry sponsor of the 3rd Annual Midwest Preclinical Imaging Consortium (MPIC), we enjoyed meeting all the attendees while in Nashville at the meeting. We will be pleased to speak with you to show you how our NuPET™ in-bore PET scanner can bring true simultaneous PET to your existing MRI.

Hybrid PET/MR imaging is gaining momentum for preclinical and translational research, allowing both molecular and functional imaging of complex biological mechanisms. Fields such as neurology, oncology, and cardiology benefit from the ability to correlate time-dependent molecular mechanisms to functional response with significantly shorter acquisition times and maximized throughput.

  • Learn about NuPET, our small-animal PET scanner that fits right into the bore of an existing MRI
  • Become familiar with the advantages of simultaneous PET/MRI for innovative biomedical studies
  • Get the quantitative data you’re looking for

BIOTIC-Immunovaccine-Cubresa poster at MPIC 2017So many preclinical applications can benefit from simultaneous PET/MR Imaging, and adding simultaneous molecular and functional imaging to your toolbox can open up a new world of opportunity for you and your colleagues.

If you did not get a chance to visit with us in the industry area at MPIC and see our high-performance NuPET scanner, compatible with the widest range of preclinical and even clinical magnets, as well as our poster with our customers at BIOTIC, we would love to hear about your research and discuss how we might bring an exciting new capability to your lab. Send us a note and we’ll be in touch right away.

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