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Simultaneous imaging with complementary modalities: PET & MRI

Dr. Marty Pagel If you missed our free webinar on Thursday, November 10th, you can request a link to view the recording, where you can learn how PET and MRI complement each other, and how one customer, Dr. Marty Pagel of the University of Arizona, is developing a dual-modality approach to more fully characterize cancerous tumors using Cubresa’s NuPET™ MR-compatible scanner and a dynamic MRI technique. The complementary imaging methods of PET and MRI can be used to better understand disease and to monitor novel treatments in small-animal test subjects.

PET/MRI Images of A549 flank tumor in a mouse

This webinar includes:

  • An overview of the NuPET scanner and how it transforms an existing MRI into a powerful hybrid imaging system
  • An overview of complementary PET and MR imaging techniques for oncology applications, including improved assessment of tumor metabolism and detailed characterization of the tumor microenvironment

So many preclinical applications can benefit from simultaneous PET/MR imaging, such as oncology, neurology, and cardiology. Multimodal assessment and characterization of the tumor and its microenvironment is one example.

We invite you and your colleagues to see and hear about the benefits of simultaneous PET/MRI and the capabilities of our NuPET scanner. Ask for a link to view the recorded webinar and learn how your research could benefit from the latest advance in simultaneous PET/MR imaging. Direct Link if you have pop-ups disabled.